"Seby thank your band members for a rocking evening. My guests told me that they had an awesome evening with you guys. Cheers" - DR. DHARMESH PATEL, INDIA

Agatha Jilugo (Female Vocalist)

Agatha is one of the undisputed singers of english retro, pop, rock, bollywood and Goan songs. Possessing a remarkably versatile and enduring talent, she has been electrifying audiences throughout her career in Forefront. Her passionate, searing vocals and impeccable style of grooving on stage has mesmerized audiences across the globe. Born to a mixed race (African-Goan), Agatha was plunged into singing when she was in St. Xavier's college Mapusa for the mando festival. Her sultry, powerful voice, and her time tested beauty got her a place in the music world.