""Forefront band rocked KGA and is an absolute treat"" - Chairman KGA Bangalore, India

Melvin Rosario (Lead Vocals and Lead guitarist)

Born in Kenya in Africa in a musical family, Melvin took up to playing guitar at a very early age. After playing in a couple of college bands and having noticed his skill on his guitar and his impeccable renditions of Bob Marley songs, forefront requested him to join the band way back in the year 1999.

Melvin, a versatile musician, plays and sings main vocals for English retro, pop, reggae, rock, bollywood and Goan songs. Besides he plays, very skillfully, the Djembe for latin-american songs and kachi dhol for some bollywood songs. His John Lennon looks and Rasta man style of guitaring make heads turn towards him. He has a flair for composing songs.